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"Touch of magic. 6/6 stars." Progressor. "The opening tune Echoes starts off this monumental work of an album." Backstage. "This years album is a worked through, bold, catchy and fittingly complex bead." Monster Magazine. "Hang On To That Kite is a fjord of a cd!" Prog Nose. "That song [Echoes] is perhaps the best six minutes of music written by a Norwegian band in a long time." Trønderavisa. "An album completely filled up with atmosphere." Tarkus. "This baby smokes from the beginning." Progressive Ears. More reviews.


Hang On To That Kite Echoes tryne
Hang On To That Kite Tiny Lights
Hang On To That Kite Red Words
Hang On To That Kite Long Shot
In Dialogue With The Moon The Fine Line
In Dialogue With The Moon Long Gone

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Our lead singer, Erik, decided to quit Circles End a while ago, in order to work on his own solo projects. Although this is sad news for all of us, it will enable us to move our music into new territory, as we have more or less decided not to replace Erik with a new lead singer. New material is in the works, and a release is imminent, we just don't know exactly when. Keep up the good spirit!