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* UPDATE 01|23 Apr 05

Circles End are currently working on new material. Hopefully there will be a new record within a year.

* UPDATE 02|10 Dec 04

Hang On To That Kite made it to #18 on the Gagliarchives Progressive Rock Top 100 Discs of the Year Listener poll!

* UPDATE 03|28 Aug 03

Finally, after many unpredicted delays, we received the singles yesterday. The distribution and promotion has been initiated, and more information about where to purchase the 7"s will be posted continually on the distribution page.

* UPDATE 04|3 Jun 03

RadiOrakels show 'Uhørt' airs an interview and presents new and old Circles End songs Sunday June 22nd. Tune into FM 99,3 if you live around Oslo, or stream live from the web at 6pm. www.radiorakel.no.

* UPDATE 05|18 May 03

Sound samples of the upcoming 7" available on the main page! We expect the single to be ready for sale in a few weeks.

* UPDATE 06|3 Mar 03

We have booked Jailhouse Studios in April to record our first two track vinyl single. More material is to be recorded this summer.

* UPDATE 07|7 Nov 02

Circles End goes comercial! Download hip and cool logos for your Nokia mobile phone at http://sms.gibme.com!

* UPDATE 08|4 Sep 02

An unofficial fansite has been spotted! It is in Norwegian and still under construction, though. You can for example vote for the best CE song at www.stud.ntnu.no/~andreb/circlesend/

* NEWS 01|18 Jan 07

Our lead singer, Erik, decided to quit Circles End a while ago, in order to work on his own solo projects. Although this is sad news for all of us, it will enable us to move our music into new territory, as we have more or less decided not to replace Erik with a new lead singer. New material is in the works, and a release is imminent, we just don't know exactly when. Keep up the good spirit!

* NEWS 02|21 Mar 05

Circles End will play a concert at Charlies Bar in Kristiansand on sunday the 27th of March 2005 (cc 40/60)

* NEWS 03|17 Jun 04

Jon Trygve Olsen (saxophone) is now an official member of the band and will participate on a tour in Norway this fall. More information about this soon.

* NEWS 04|2 May 04

Although a bit delayed, the new records have now arrived neatly covered in a six-page digipack. Hang on to that Kite will be available in Norway on the 10th of May!

* NEWS 05|17 Mar 04

The releaseparty for 'Hang On To That Kite' will be thrown at Østsida in Kristiansand on friday April 16th. (Cc 50/70). Circles End have also changed vocalists because Karl felt that he didn't have the time to prioritize the band fully. The new one, Erik Riis Jacobsen happens to be Karls brother!

* NEWS 06|19 Feb 04

Circles End have signed a contract with Karisma Records, a Bergen-based record company, regarding the release of the upcoming album. The album will be called 'Hang On To That Kite' and the expected release date is April 19th this year.

* NEWS 07|11 Dec 03

Circles End will play live on Markens in Kristiansand January 2nd 2004. Doors open at 21:00. Cc 60/90 (Kristiansand Rockklubb member/nonmember).

* NEWS 08|4 Sep 02

As you can see, we have just launched our brand new pages. Here you can hopefully find whatever you need of information. Good luck!