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Circles End first saw the light of day in 1994, bearing the name Venture. At that time, little or nothing resembles what describes the band today. However, the foundation, being a few friends sharing a dream of becoming rock stars, was laid. We called ourselves Plethora when we played our first gig in 1996, but going off stage, we felt that we still had a lot to learn. We had just started developing our ensemble playing, and merely beginning to unveil the progressive genre of music.

We changed our name to Circles End and started writing new material, which nurtured a new goal and growing self-esteem; we wanted to record a CD. A guest keyboardist joined and we booked a local studio the summer of '98 to record five of our own, carefully rehearsed and arranged songs. The CDs were sent to record companies, magazines, radio stations and distributors all over the world. We were amazed when we saw the response and reviews: 'Look out for these guys' and 'this will be interesting to follow in the future', accompanied by a handful of distributors and interviews. We also made it to a French top 100 list of best progressive releases of the year.

Feeling that we were actually beieng noticed, though by too few, we changed singers and worked on more new material. We tried to attract attention with a demo in 1999, but apart from a few good reviews, this passed fairly unnoticed. The new singer quit, we got an even newer one, wrote some new songs and changed bassists because the old one went to the Far East. A new guest keyboardist joined, and an album worth of material took form from a period of hard work.

We had long given up the record deal that the EP and the demo were going to provide us. It wasn't so important anymore, though; the making of the EP had proven it possible to make releases independently. We collected all our money again and recorded In Dialogue with the Moon, autumn 2000. The album was out in february the next year, and distributed to loads of old and new contacts. Music journalists, on the progressive rock scene in particular, loved it and complimented originality, structure and ensemble playing. In spite of the good feedback Gøran [bass] retired. Patrick Wilder soon replaced him and around the same time Audun Halland joined the band on the keys. After a long period of writing new material we recorded nine songs during Easter and summer of 2003. In August we released two of the songs on a 7" as a taste of the upcoming album. This single triggered the interest of a new record company based in Bergen, Norway. After a while a deal was signed and the full album was released on 10th of May 2004.