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CIRCLES END EP '98 & DEMO '99 |by Bruno Van de Velde

This Norwegian band is around for a couple of years and they have recorded two mini CD's until now. On their '98 CD we find five prog rock songs. In their bio the band describes their music as a mix between 70's Rush and the '90's Fates Warning. If you write that you better bring some quality music or else you will make yourself ridiculous. The CD starts off with the 8 minutes long "A Waiting Lotus". Musically the band brings some excellent prog rock. There are a lot of time changes, breaks and lots of fiddling around. Circles End combines all of this into very atmospheric songs, with beautiful guitar work and excellent use of keyboards. Although most songs clock over five minutes they stay interesting and fresh sounding from the first to the last second. A big drawback on this CD are however the vocals who are two weak and monotonous. On to the '99 release. On this second disk they recorded four songs and they introduce a new vocalist and they have no longer a keyboard player in their ranks. Musically the band continues with playing excellent atmospheric prog rock music. The big difference is that everything turned more melancholic and darker. The vocals have improved a lot and this guy's voice contributes to the darker feeling that came over the sound of this band. Also the use of a violin on one of the songs makes it sound gloomier. Overall we can say that Circles End is a talented outfit and hopefully they will be able to record a full lenght CD in the near future. (7) / (8)