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Let me start this review with this: In Dialogue... is not a prog-metal album.

Circles End reminds of older rock bands; style over flash, quality of notes over quantity of notes and exquisite playing. This album is filled with so many nice sequences, and considering this is a two-guitar lineup I am even more impressed. All the players here are excellent; vocalist Karl Riis Jacobsen is low key (no wailing here), his voice is deep and comprehensible. The guitarists, Omar Emanuel Johnsen and Trond Lunden, have a great sense of style; good solid playing with many interesting sections (plus they both use the ebow!). Bass player G°ran Kristiansen delivers a pretty meaty sound and drummer Jarle Anders Pettersen is outstanding. The band may play too sedately; there are many quiet sections with just vocals over a jazzy drum and guitar fill, but then the band will cut loose with a jam section and some vintage keyboard sounds or a violin will drift into the mix to great effect. In all I was very surprised by this release. It's well written and well played and goes places most albums these days don't go. I am just not sure how to classify this, so just visit the web site and hear it for yourself.