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NUCLEUS |by Ferran Lizana


Circles End is a stupendous norwegian group that they really promise to occur big happiness in next years, and that, after a EP, they debut with this excellent long duration.

The sound of the group is very current, and although it is not of a great originality, they have a quite own style.

We would say that the album this not based on songs too complex and quite varied. Perhaps we could relate them with it Discipline them of "Push and Profit", or even with Izz or Spock's Beard although neither it is too clear, and their influences could come from the same ones it Discipline, Landberk or Echolyn. I would say that they combine depression type Landberk but positive type Echolyn, with great success.

I find some themes excellent as the instrumental one "El Mar/La Mar", very original a little to the style it Discipline and Echolyn with rhythms addictive, and tremendous organs Hammond and guitars, "This Day" a theme pseudo-gothic with a rhythm leisurely and enigmatic and excellent guitars I am used Landberk, "Soliloquy" something like that among Rush, Discipline and Landberk, with great instrumentation. Then the disk this replete of very good themes as those but rockers "The Fine Line" or "Startgled Eye" with a lot of hook, or the extensive "Long Gone", among it Discipline and Landberk. A little less the curious "Sleepless", with two very differentiated parts, the first one that seems Pearl Jam in acoustic plan and the second instrumental very lively to the style Echolyn, and the final theme "The Dead is Mines", acoustic.

Summarizing, an album very advisable overalls thanks to some themes, and a group that promises.