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Translated by Per Harald Jonson.

This Norwegian band takes us on a timetravel to the 1970's. It was that fabulous decade when there were only two TV channels, and the only performers at Pori jazz festival were the jazz bands. The web page of Circles End does not provide much information, but I would guess this is the second album of the band.

Tranquillity is characteristic to the album. Some pieces rock well once started, but the outcome is more suitable to exploring one's feelings than for example, as background music to beer-drinking. The bassist also plays cello, and, since the saxophonist tootles for quite a while on the final track, the conclusion is clear. This band should emphasize on the Finnish marked. Stuff like this is hot at the moment. For this, we can be grateful to the excellent remasters and retro-bands of Love Records, such as Liekki.

The band saves electricity. The vocals and keyboards are on top. A large proportion of the guitars are acoustic. The lengthy solos of the keyboardist are pleasant to the ear; an example of such is a piece called Peeping Tom.

By the way, this modest way of expression is nice for a change, since my reviews tend to be slightly more bombastic. Furthermore, one can cut-and-paste a miniature car (probably of make Trojan?) from the back cover. Oh me, I wish I spoke Norwegian, so I could send them my greetings. They would consist of the following: the great lads of Circles End, please take along your countryman Lucifer Was and come and have a performance here.