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Points: 8,5/10

It would be a serious overstatement to claim Norway as a major exponent of progressive rock bands, so I guess you can say that Circles End is one of few exceptions from the rule. I canít remember having heard or having heard of this band before, even though they have been around since 1998. My expectations were reduced drastically after having a look at the cover artwork of ĎHang on to that kiteí, cause itís definitely among the ugliest covers I have ever seen. Anyway, Iím happy to say that the music does not coincide with the quality of the cover artwork. Itís progressive rock of premium quality streaming out of the speakers. Circles End has managed to come up with a peculiar expression, with a lot of jazz influences. The music is not of the most accessible type, so be prepared to use some time to get into the music. If you like bands like Echolyn, Ritual, Gentle Giant and/or Porcupine Tree this album will probably appeal to you as well. 05.18.2004